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Asset Agent - Meet Matthew, George and John

Christian Aadal
Posted by Christian Aadal on Nov 6, 2020 12:09:13 PM

Did you ever wonder what Asset Agent could do for your factory? Asset Agent helps to improve productivity and efficiency of tire factories, allowing an increase of tire output by 3% thanks to efficient resource management.

Let's meet Matthew, George and John to learn how this works in a nutshell. 


Asset Agent Animation


What is so special about Asset Agent? 

Asset Agent is our highly scalable solution, customized to the needs of tire manufacturing plants. It is designed to improve your efficiency and to save you money by reducing waste and scrap material while increasing productivity.

Read more about how this works in detail 

The fully automated system makes your life easier and lets you work better. Real-time data monitoring gives you control and provides you with valuable insights.

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