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Crew Companion in the mining & tunneling industry

Jens Petter Haugen
Posted by Jens Petter Haugen on Apr 21, 2021 10:36:36 AM

Did you ever wonder how Crew Companion can maximise safety and efficiency in mines? This innovative personnel tracking system gives you 100% visibility of your team with incredible accuracy and helps you to minimize delays to the blasting schedule.

Meet Marcus to learn how this works in a nutshell. 


What makes Crew companion so special for the mining sector? 

Crew Companion is a wireless solution, guaranteeing visibility to ensure complete evacuation of the detonation area by implementing automated headcount per mustering zone in every covering area.

Moreover, the system provides accurate data and lone-worker alerts. This enables operators to instantly and automatically identify, locate and reach out to miners on the vast premise and ensures prompt initiation of search and rescue operations in emergency situations. Real-time monitoring on mining zones and labor can help operators avoid costly operational mishaps before they happen.

Read more about how the solution works in detail 

Crew Companion makes your life easier giving you control and saving money thanks to low costs and low maintenance efforts coming by keeping your people safe.

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