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Event: EPOCH International Upstream Congress, digital summit, Oct. 05-06 2020

Frederike Ruedisser
Posted by Frederike Ruedisser on Oct 2, 2020 9:46:26 PM

The annual International Upstream Congress EPOCH brings together more than 300 leaders from pro-active companies to discuss investments they make today in technologies and business strategies, that not only include growth in oil and gas but also pursue Paris goals. IDENTEC SOLUTION will participate at this virtual summit in order to show how a digital safety system such as Crew Companion combines both flexible hardware and software to offer real-time data when time is not on your side.


By introducing an active RFID solution, as Crew Companion, greater transparency is ensured via the automatic collection of information concerning asset and personnel status, location, and movements. The system aims to do this faster than manual alternatives, while still reducing the financial cost and guaranteeing improved accuracy and reliability. The data collected can be used for analytical purposes, allowing companies to maximize production yield, protect the production chain from potential issues, and guarantee numerical accuracy with items and materials; in turn, this eliminates the need for manual form completion.

Greater visibility across the production process will allow a more consistent workflow, remove the risk of human error, and offer a variety of benefits that culminate in an improved quality of the final product.

So let's discuss about QHSE both onshore and offshore and  how you will be able to take the human error out of keeping humans safe. We look forward to meet you at the virtual #EPOCH2020!

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