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Lyttelton Port (LPC) upgrades to IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Reefer Runner Monitoring System

Anna Sutter
Posted by Anna Sutter on Sep 10, 2020 11:49:09 AM

Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) upgrades their New Zealand port with world’s most advanced Terminal based Reefer monitoring solution

Lustenau, Austria – IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, leading supplier of innovative wireless solutions, has supplied Lyttelton Port, the largest Port in the South Island of New Zealand with Reefer Runner - the world’s most advanced terminal-based Reefer monitoring solution.

LPC, who had used IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Terminal Tracker solution since 2007 decided to take their reefer monitoring system to the next level, by equipping their port with 460 Reefer Runner tags. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS will continue to deliver premium support, covering both the existing Terminal Tracker and the newly implemented Reefer Runner solution.

“The longstanding, strong relationship was of course a decisive factor in the decision-making process. We needed a reliable and flexible partner, especially as the implementation phase fell into the peak of the pandemic. IDENTEC’s tailored one stop-shop-proposition with a comprehensive support and maintenance offering is quite unique” said Mike Simmers, General Manager Infrastructure and Property LPC.

In addition to Terminal Tracker, the Reefer Runner application will further contribute to the automation of the operational processes in the Lyttelton Port container terminal, allowing real time monitoring of reefer data. Thanks to the plug and play integration of Reefer Runner to LPC’s TOS Navis N4, a seamless communication between the two systems creates further advantages, such as for example a complete overview of the reefer visits from the moment they enter the terminal to the moment they leave.

While the implementation of the system was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project team around Paul Hebrard, VP Sales Marine & Ports, kept their cool and quickly adapted to the new situation:

“Our initial tasks were implementation with onsite installation training – of course this was no longer possible due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. With our flexible system and a team that will bend over backwards, we managed to perform all installation support and training remotely” explains Paul Hebrard.

The go-live was completed as scheduled despite this extraordinary challenge.

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