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Smart Containers – Merging McLean’s and Berners-Lee’s inventions

Some people may know Malcom McLean – the inventor of the freight container – but who is Berners-Lee? Tim Berners-Lee...

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Industrial Automation – How the global pandemic has changed the perspective

For many years the strategy in mass production was clear: Implement the greatest degree of automation possible with...

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What the unforgiving North Sea taught Norway about safety

By living with and next to the freezing and unforgiving North Sea, Norwegians had to learn how to adapt to their...

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Norway’s HSE Standards - learning from disasters

With a long history and tradition in travelling the rough sea and also extreme weather conditions under their belts,...

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Tire Manufacturing: How to make digitalisation work

Digitalisation is ubiquitous and is transforming manufacturing processes. But as for any other industrial...

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Leave no worker behind: Maximise Lone Worker's safety in hazardous areas

Imagine, it is Wednesday afternoon and you send a person out to perform a routine check in a hazardous area. The...

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